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Modeling and Influencer Competition

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Presence of talent agencies

The Top Model & Influencer Japan event is a great showcase for modeling, TV, and influencer agencies. This event is your opportunity to show your talent and skills and be seen by these professionals.

About the Event

Top Model & Influencer Japan is a family and youth event that aims to discover new talents in fashion, beauty and digital influencing and promote cultural and social presentations, such as dance, music, and entertainment.

The event’s main objective is to discover, highlight, and polish these young talents, offering them knowledge, education, and career direction and disseminating culture and education to participants using socio-cultural presentations. Also, as an international event, it promotes integration between different nationalities.
Since its first edition in 2003, Top Model Japan has received institutional support from the Consulate General of Brazil in Nagoya and the prefectures of cities where the event occurred, such as Minokamo, Tajimi, and Kani, Gifu.



October, 15th, 2023

Previous Events

How was the event in 2022?

And this year, in 2023, the Top Model Influencer comes with a great novelty: the Women’s Fair, an event focused on women, highlighting fashion, beauty, health, and various opportunities in different fields.

Come and participate in this grand event of beauty, communication, and entrepreneurship.

Top Model influencer e Woman’s Fair

About event promoter Bárbara Corrêa Nakatsukasa

With a degree in marketing, she has been a miss and model and has worked in the fashion, beauty, and events sector for over 20 years. She is the director of E-leven Agency, working with organizations in social and corporate events, in-person and online courses, and as a scouter (talent hunt) for models and influencers.

In Japan, where she lived for over 15 years, she organized several events and redirected models to the international fashion market.

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Over 500 students took her professional modeling and mannequin course in Japan.

200+ Misses supervised
500+ professional models trained
50+ models featured in national and international campaigns
200,000+ people impacted at events

Bárbara discovered and redirected several models and misses for the professional market, preparing, guiding, and boosting their image in events, TV, newspapers, magazines, and social media (digital influencers).

Many misses and models became digital influencers, learning resourcefulness in oratory, relevant positioning when facing the public and cameras, etiquette and good manners, facial and body expression, psychology to deal with people in adverse situations, and more. These lessons were part of professional development to achieve an image of value, respect, and outstanding, acting naturally, leaving fear and shame aside.

Application – Modeling

– Reside in Japan
– Gender categories: male and female
– Age: 4 to 29 years (three age categories – Kids, Teen, Adult)
– Any nationality

Advantages and benefits

– Opportunity to stand out in the fashion world
– Visibility of your image and name
– You will be evaluated by modeling and TV agencies
– You will have access to many online content related to fashion and beauty, boosting your knowledge.
Various prizes, career boosts, feature on media and TV channels, feature and participation in events, and will be the fashion beauty representative throughout Japan. Last but not least, the winner will be able to sign a contract with a modeling and/or TV agency.

Registration closed!




Why would I enter this competition?

Participating in this competition will open doors to reach your goals. After all, the event is a showcase for scouts, and as the saying goes, “who is not seen is not remembered.” Good things may happen by being in evidence, at the right time, and for the right people, so take advantage of the opportunities and apply now.

Do I need to be a model or influencer to participate?

You do not need to be a model or influencer or have any experience. We will give you the direction.

Can my family and friends attend the event?

Yes, of course, but invitations will be limited.

Who can register? How does it work?

Anyone who dreams of this career, models or influencers. Remember, applications are limited, so run to make yours. Only the first 20 entries in each category will be accepted.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is an accessible fee specified in the application form. However, everyone can participate; I guarantee the cost is very small compared with the great opportunity you will have. Remember that your name and your image will be in evidence.

At what age can I sign up?

Category Modeling: from 5 years to 29 years (Kids – Teen and Adult categories)

Category Influencer: 14 years or older

Will there be prizes?

Yes, several prizes include trips, courses, aesthetics, beauty salons, career-boosting, photo albums, gifts, agency, and others.

I live far away. Can I participate?

Yes, people from all over Japan may apply. Only the selected candidates must be present for the stage presentation on the day and location of the event.

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